Discover our commissions of 2021

In 2021 ING Art Management gave a number of commissions to various artists. Here are a few of the artworks, made by Vera Gulikers, Hadassah Emmerich, Joyce ter Weele and Kevin Osepa.


To ensure that all the offices and the ING-houses, have their own and distinctive appearance, artists are often given commissions to create an artwork especially made for an ING-building. This creates a uniform, yet unique atmosphere in all ING buildings. Commissions are also an ideal way to support artists and young talent.

Vera Gulikers, Threadingcanvas: Bazar du Quai, Port au Prince, Lois Mailou. Puff ink and flock on canvas.

Vera in front of her work

Vera Gulikers (1991)

In this work we see an abstracted reinterpretation of Lois Mailou Jones' Bazar du Quai, Port-Au-Prince. While the original work is still visible underneath, Gulikers has given it her own dynamic and colorful twist. In her work, the artist explores the relationship between stereotypical domestic (“feminine”) activities and art. Gulikers made this work especially for ING Huis Maasricht.

Hadassah's crew working on the wall painting

Hadassah Emmerich (1974)

Hadassah's design consists of a series of brightly colored shapes, which refer to fruits, plants and body parts. Figurative and abstract elements alternate in the festive and tropical-looking wall painting, while the yellow background creates a warm glow. The work symbolizes a never-ending abundance, with the papaya as a symbol of health, strength and wealth. With this message, the work fits perfectly at an entrance to the Maple office in Amsterdam South-East, giving employees a positive start to their day.

Joyce ter Weele laying finishing touches on her work

Joyce ter Weele (1988)

This work was made especially for the ING house in Groningen, and that is clearly visible. With her recognizable style, in which Joyce ter Weele combines different techniques and materials, she has created her own representation of the city of Groningen. The artist works with charcoal, pen, pencil, photography and the brush; everything, however, only on paper. In this special work we see several striking places in Groningen, such as the Martini tower, and a small ING lion is hidden.

Kevin Osepa, Kokolishi kalakuna

left to right: Yuana Yuana, Machete, Kabei a hole kachu

Kevin Osepa (1994)

Photographer Kevin Osepa was born and raised on the island Curaçao. In his work he explores his culture by working with themes such as tradition, family and colonialism from Afro-Caribbean perspective. He says that most of the stories he tells with his photos are not only his own, but he shares them with lots of Caribbean people. So while his work is mainly auto-biographical, it has some anthropological elements to it. His inspired work made him the Public Prize winner of our ING Talent Award in 2019. This collage, Klof: Bario di Spiritu was especially made for the office Maple in Amsterdam South-East.