New exhibition ING Art Center: Hahaha. The Humour of Art

From September 15, the new exhibition Hahaha. The Humour of Art will be on view at the ING Art Center in Brussels, which is all about how humour took a definitive role in art and how it started an artistic revolution.

“Nothing is serious enough to take seriously,” Marcel Duchamp

The art world may be thought of as serious business, but in fact there are artists throughout the ages who can qualify as comics. From the middle of the First World War, artists started to make jokes with their art; A bottle of wine, a snow shovel, a sentence, a urinal… Who could have thought that they would be the start of an artistic revolution and completely change how we see art?

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The exhibition Hahaha. The Humour of Art, organized in collaboration with KANAL and Centre Pompidou, revolves around several themes: caricatures, puns, art as toys, hoaxes, parody, mockery and buffoons. In this exhibition, you will discover how artists embrace humour in their works and how they have broken away from the tradition to propose new forms. From the Great Zwans Exhibition (1885) to Dadaism, from Lolo the donkey to Marcel Duchamp's Readymades, from Man Ray to Marcel Broodthaers, Hahaha takes humour seriously. Explore the art of laughter and Book your tickets now in advance!