Camilla Ferrari
(1992, Italy)

Camilla Ferrari is an Italian photographer and video maker based in Milan. Her work, which mixes stills and vertically moving images, focuses on the emotional and physical relationship between humans and their environment and reflects on the perception and poetry of everyday life.

The Fabric of Change

For the ING Talent Award 2021 Ferrari made the work The Fabric of Change. Through Artificial Intelligence, videos of the past three years of Ferrari’s life were fed into a computer to see what machine learning would depict if trained with a person’s memories. Then via a call on Instagram people were asked to share videos of their memories. Entering the main video, through a program created for this project, these videos corrupt and modify it. This feed continues throughout the exhibition and beyond, creating a never-ending process. When these stimuli enter the frame, it responds with a show of resilience: a flux of never-repeating images.

The Fabric of Change is a collaboration between Milan-based photographer and video maker Camilla Ferrari, creative technologist Simone Verduci and Artificial Intelligence that explores visual art’s ability to be resilient.

Camilla Ferrari about The Fabric of Change.

Camilla Ferrari. The Fabric of Change. Video installation, motion sensor

Camilla Ferrari. The Fabric of Change (still).

Camilla Ferrari. The Fabric of Change. (still)

Camilla Ferrari. The Fabric of Change. (still)